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Smart Face: Watch the video!

Watch our video on SMART FACE

Managed by Logata Digital Solutions GmbH and supported by the German Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie together with industrial partners as well as the Fraunhofer IML the project forms a milestone towards industry 4.0 joining the real world with the virtual world to an internet of things.

SMART FACE is nainly targetted on the automation of planning processes. The focus is on decentral and autonome material flow units. Such units act as CPS, Cyber-Physicals Systems. A CPSs may be robots, transferring partly produced parts from one machine to the next, along its production chain.
Besides various partners of the automobile industry as well as automation, IT in general and research, it is Logata Dogotal Solutions that contributed in the project.

Although is is a research project and SMART FACE is yet not been used in a real production invironment, it already demonstrates the future of industrial production. Logata Digital Solutions GmbH being a main contributor to the success of the project.