Focused know-how in logistics, IT and automation


You can remain competitive only with the right new ideas and technological implementation. Already for over a decade, we work closely together with the Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics (IML) and other renowned partner companies. Wherever it makes sense we integrate the experience gained from the research and development projects in our solutions.

As a result, our clients benefit from innovative products and solutions that are more intelligent and at the same time provide an investment security. At our Dortmund location the proximity to the University, the Fraunhofer IML and the Dortmund technology center promote networking and cooperation.

Collaborative projects:


Subject matter and objective of the interdisciplinary research and development project is to develop of sustainable concepts and methods, which meet the special requirements of the small series production in regards to operation, scalability, robustness and economy. This requires a radically new approach to the production planning and control. This leads in the projects goal towards a lean production planning and flexible manufacturing structures. The project is to be focused on decentralized, highly flexible material flow units, realized by Cyber-physical systems (CPS).

Further information regarding the collaborative project ‘SmartFace’


Logistics and protection of environment and resources – how may that fit together?

Latest technologies focusing onthe protection of environment and resources are used in Hub2Move,
thanks to the opportunity to move to the required site in demand, energy-intensive transport of goods become a thing of the past. Thus promoting the sustainability of the environment and resources.

The Hub2Move project succeeded in creating an efficient, effective and configurable material flow system that follows the mission of moving warehouses and the nowadays required logistics versatility.

Further information regarding the collaborative project ‘Hub2Move’