Connected apps for integrated processes

To become a provider

Develop logistics mall apps: Develop your app and take advantage of a new sales channel!

The logistics mall offer is targeted on small and large medium-sized industrial enterprises and logistics service providers. The platform provides an online driven sales channel for services related to warehouse, logistics and supply chain management.

The added value for you as a supplier is in

  • The high range for your services
  • Contextual presentation of your products
  • Increased added value for your customers as a result of integration with other services
  • Support in online marketing by media professionals from logo design up to your professional product video

A user application is any application or any system (such as a complete warehouse management system), which provides functionality through a graphical user interface (GUI) to a user

A service application is running in the background (without GUI) providing a service that may be used by other applications or services via a standardized interface – the logistics mall BUS.

A logistics mall app is a “small” user application that provides a defined functionality. Apps can be chained forming a process.

A mobile app is a logistics mall app that runs on mobile devices using the Android operating system.

In addition to software systems and apps, other services can be offered on the logistics mall, such as eCommerce fulfilment, process consulting) or hardware components (hand scanner, printer,…).

You can integrate existing web application into the logistics mall, or develop new apps with our application framework. Our experts work with you on the the optimal approach. In a two-day workshop, we prepare you for the basics of the integration process and together coordinate the next steps.

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Creating a product description to be represented in the Business AppStore
  • Definition of a price model
  • Implementation of the accounting interface
  • Implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) interface and user management
  • Implementing the data interface to the BO instance repository
  • Specifications for the operation of the app (manual, helpdesk and ticketing)

On the logistics mall  you, as provider, offer your app, service or hardware on the Business AppStore . As soon as a user initiates an order it will be forwarded to you. Depending on the operating model, you provide the service for the customer – alternatively we deal with that. As operator of the platform, we create a monthly unit billing for the customers that takes into account all related services independent of the respective provider.

We credit you as a provider the collected amount, except for the operators fee as agreed with you. The provider contract regulates the details.

Apps in the logistics mall require a runtime environment, same as mobile apps need a smartphone as a runtime environment. The runtime environment for a logistics mall app is the so-called managed app server – a virtual server that contains all apps to install and to use.

For each customer Logata Digital Solutions hosts a managed app server in monitored data centers with certified operators in Germany. Our experts deal with that efficiently and reliably. This frees you as a provider from routine activities gaining cost advantages for the customer – and all that with maximum security.  The hosting service in Germany meets the requirements of the German data protection act.

If you want to provide the hosting yourself as a provider, no problem! During the workshop we will discuss interesting corporate cloud operating models.
The logistics mall provides a central ticketing system for users and providing the first level support.
Tickets related to an application are forwarded to the corresponding provider in case the first level support team was not able to solve the issue.