Connected apps for integrated processes

Use the logistics mall

The logistics mall is the digital platform on which software vendors and users, as well as logistics service providers come together. It offers an optimal cost-benefit ratio in the implementation of new software and processes. Apps are compiled individually and provider-independent and obtained ‘from the power outlet’.

In the logistics mall, software manufacturers do not offer complete modules, but individual apps. Users can rent those. The purchase of software licenses is no longer necessary. A major amount of the purchase price and maintenance costs for hardware and storage capacities are omitted.

For each function the right app. Book and pay only what is needed.

The apps communicate with each other via a common data standard (the business objects, BO) which guarantees a smooth cooperation. This allows mapping of continuous processes and flexible control:

  • Goods receipt and warehousing
  • Storage and order-picking
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Customs and export
  • Merchandise management and inventory management
  • Warehouse logistics and warehouse management

The billing model is just as flexible as the platform. Following the principle “book and pay only what is needed”, in most cases billing apps per month (lump sum or per user) or calculated according to the transaction volume.

The operating model of the logistics mall is as scalable as the requirements in logistics. Book the right app.

In the central user management new users are you quickly created and assigned the permissions as needed. And if you no longer need an app, you cancel it within notice specified .


The technical operating model is based on latest cloud technology and also scales according to your needs.

Monitored data center, backup & SSL…

Hosting in our own data centre in Germany.

Apps in the logistics mall mall require a runtime environment, as mobile apps need a Smartphone as a runtime environment. The runtime environment for your logistics mall apps is the so-called managed app server, a virtual server that contains all apps to install and to use.

Monitored data center hosting

We host and manage your managed app server in monitored data centers with certified operators in Germany. This means that you must not even worry about the operation and essential backups. Our experts do it efficiently and reliably. This frees customers of routine activities, provides cost benefits – and offers you maximum security. Hosting in Germany meets the requirements of the German Data Protection Act. Should you like to care on the hosting yourself, no problem! We offer interesting corporate cloud operating models. Speak to our sales team.


Data security is very important to us. In the logistics mall each app access is SSL encrypted. Because each customer has their own managed app server, the business data is encapsulated. Access by third parties is therefore excluded. For even higher security standards, we develop the right solution for your individual needs.

The use of the logistics mall mall offers cost benefits and savings potential. You are not purchasing software licenses, but you rent apps and pay according to their use. The fee already includes a basic support. The specific pricing model is been defined by each app or by the provider. Operation and IT administration is carried out by us as operator and your IT Department. This results in cost benefits. The user and transaction-based billing leads to full costs transparency. The logistics mall offers top performance at a fair price. Together with you we gladly calculate the cost advantages. Please contact our sales department.

Price model

Each app is offered with a pricing model. Pricing includes the components

  • One time price for establishing the app after ordering
  • Monthly fee for the period of use
  • Monthly fee per user that is configured to access to the app
  • Transaction fees, which are charged based on transaction usage

The app provider defines the pricing components for his apps.


The logistics mall is a B2B Portal. With the registration of your company, you agree to the settlement account. The billing is carried out by a monthly invoicing. The operator creates the bill as a collective invoice. According to your personal decision you may get the bill either in paper form or electronically. An overview of the bills is also provided in the documents area of the user portal.

Payment upon receipt of invoice by money transfer or conveniently by direct debit, if a debit has been granted during the registration.