EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
Optimizing business processes - fast, secure and cost effective


Order-based EDI/WebEDI and delivery processes between customers and suppliers or customers, and their customers not only consist of a variety of possible message types (orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, etc.), but they are rather also marked so that the ‘network’ of the customer / supplier relationships is becoming increasingly complex and global.

Thus, in particular, ‘site-to-site’ and ‘one-to-many’ connections of ERP systems, real-time data transfers, central data clearing and the possibility of permanent data communication and conversion between all involved partners is necessary.

Central services of ‘moderating’ service providers such as the Logata Digital Solutions are ideally suited for these requirements.

EDI/WebEDI is an easy-to-integrate EDI solution, that allows companies without its own EDI infrastructure to be integrated into complex business processes.

The browser based user interface of WebEDI is so simplistic that no previous knowledge of EDI is needed its operation.