Elektronische Rechnungsverarbeitung
Save time and money with electronic invoices

Electronic invoice processing

The whole processes for the areas ‘invoices to customers’ and ‘incoming invoices from suppliers’ can be realised with the product ‘Electronic invoice processing’ of Logata Digital Solutions.

Invoices will be transferred to Logata Digital Solutions, for example converted (source format to destination format),  optionally provided with a qualified electronic signature – with also optional signature verification– and then transmitted to the invoice recipient via various output channels. In addition, it is possible to keep all invoices including any additional files in an electronic mailbox for a one year period. After that they can be provided upon request on DVD. Audit-compliant archiving of invoices for a period of 10 years is also possible.

In particular the individual output channels for transmitting bills even meet highest demands. It is possible to import the invoices in a structured form directly into ERP systems of the recipient (such as SAP). Some more individual solutions are possible. During the transition from classical post mail to electronic invoicing of a company the invoice output process can be shifted in total to Logata Digital Solutions by printing and shipping (all or part of) the bills via a Lettershop.

The same that applies to customer invoices, also applies to invoices from suppliers. Here too Logata Digital Solutions offers the complete process for their processing, starting from the reception of e-invoices from all suppliers up to the direct delivery into the ERP system for the recipient of the bill. In this process diverse and customized ways of processing are available, for example for conversion or archiving.