Innovative, creative and always a stroke ahead …

… that´s how Logata Digital Solutions GmbH presents itself. A whole world is is represented by our concept of a “solution”: The accurate gathering and questioning of a client task, the development of the response best possible based onproven elements and innovative approaches, their precise implementation, rollout and long term care.

The solution always consists of many components – and it distinguishes Logata Digital Solutions GmbH, that they can offer all of those services, combine and bundle them.

Our customers voice

Die logistics mall – ein Markt voller Möglichkeiten.

Dr. Andreas Dürholt
Geschäftsführer, Bitergo GmbH

Wir nutzen seit zwei Jahren erfolgreich das Lagerverwaltungssystem WPS aus der Cloud an allen Standorten der WM GROUP.

Günter Artinger
Geschäftsführer (Vorsitzender), WM GROUP GmbH

Since more than two years we are successfully operating all our warehouses within the WM GROUP using the cloud based warehouse management system WPS.

The logistics mall – a market full of choices.