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Logata and SATO join forces to deliver cloud-based label-printing solution

Logata, known for its BusinessApp Logistics Mall, a cloud-based platform for logistics processes and SATO, a leading provider of label printers for the logistics industry, have joined forces to deliver a cloud-based label-printing solution. This new functionality provides flexibility for label printing operations across more workplace configurations and improves ease of use.
To date, even the best cloud solutions require firewall unblocking or a special virtual private network (VPN) connection to print labels at remote transportation units, storage areas and shipping docks. However, it’s increasingly important for businesses in the logistics sector that labels can be printed from cloud platforms from both stationary as well as mobile terminals, without the terminal being attached to a PC.

To address this challenge, experts from SATO have collaborated with Logata to develop a new user-friendly solution based on SATO AEP (Application Enabled Printing) technology and Logata IT and logistics expertise, to ensure ease of use from a system administration perspective.
Previous internet solutions using a VPN tunnel, or special firewall releases for customers, have often been associated with considerable effort. Label printers that are situated locally at the customer’s operation must be able to receive print data from the cloud but a good system administrator may question the reliability of incoming data from the internet and even refuse to make a printer accessible.

With the new solution, the printer is still connected to the Internet, which allows it to establish an outgoing web connection to the cloud provider’s platform. Importantly, the printer is recognised by the cloud platform as being located in the cloud provider’s network and can be managed with ordinary on-board devices. Changes to the applications of the cloud platform are no longer required.

The solution ensures maximum possible security of sensitive print data is maintained using several advanced mechanisms including WebSocket Secure with TLS 1.2. In addition, the printer can still be used in the local network of end users utilising local applications, without restrictions.

For further information, please visit logata.com or satoeurope.com

Information on SATO:

SATO (TOKYO:6287) bridges the last inch of the last mile for customers by integrating Auto- ID technologies and revolutionary materials to tag and track items, ensuring inventory visibility for improved user experience and business results. Engineering solutions that unleash the power of IoT, it provides value to customers in the form of accuracy, sustainability, labor and resource savings, reassurance and emotional connections. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, it reported revenues of JPY 106,302 million (Euro 900 million*). More information about SATO can be found at www.satoeurope.com or follow us on Twitter or Linked In

*Conversion is based on an average exchange rate of 1 Euro = 118.74 Japanese Yen